Mark 2:1-5 may be a familiar passage to you. Four friends bring their paralytic friend to Jesus to be healed. Jesus not only heals the man, but declares that his sins are forgiven. English translations of the original Greek text have difficulty carrying over something the original grammar highlights. There is something like a spotlight on the actions of the paralytic’s friends and the person of Jesus. “The focus of Mark is … on bringing needs to the person of Jesus.” David Wallace from Devotions on the Greek New Testament.

Wallace continues to point out that the verb used in verse 4 where the friends attempt to “bring” their friend to Jesus has connotations of worship. Matthew uses the same verb in his gospel to represent that act of “offering” or “presenting a gift” as an action of worship (Matthew 2:11; 5:23-24). We may feel like worship is a thing where we dress our best, act on our best behavior, and sing pretty things to God. Sure, these things are a part of worship. But Mark 2 reminds us that bringing our needs to Jesus or the needs of our friends is an act of worship.